What the Body Remembers is a series of nudes of women aged 55 years and older. I appropriated the title from the novel of the same name by Shauna Singh Baldwin; I like the suggestion that the physical and emotional experiences of life are remembered by their imprint on the body.

We are not accustomed to seeing nudes of older women in our films or our art; women "of a certain age" are not considered sensual or vibrant or passionate or heroic. This brings up important questions for me: why do we believe aging eliminates our capabilities and our appetites? Why are we so loathe to look at the changes that time, and life render to the body? And why can't we acknowledge that our own bodies will thicken and wrinkle, our posture less upright, than when we were young?

I find the aging body beautiful and compelling and I'm drawn to its exploration through photography. I am grateful that the women who posed for this series were open to explore this topic with me.

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