Pas de Deux/Tango

Pas de Deux/Tango evolved out of a half-day shoot with two models, Clara Cloutier and Phylactere. Clara and Phylactere don’t just strike a pose; they move through poses in a slow dance. The collaboration between the models is mostly unspoken -- a felt sense of how to move and how to respond -- and as the photographer I followed their flow, moving in and out of their space with my camera, and offering suggestions appropriate to what I was seeing at the time.

The flow over the course of the shoot was primarily of Clara’s and Phylactere's devising; however on reviewing the hundreds of captures from the session I decided to break up their improvised flow and instead consciously choreograph my own dance. I selected images captured at various points during the shoot and re-ordered them to satisfy the narrative arc that I created. Using still photography instead of video meant that each photograph had to be strong enough to stand on its own merit as well as contribute to the overall choreography.

Traditionally, a pas de deux is a lyrical duet between a man and a woman. However my choreography is more tango than ballet, dramatically mapping the play between power and submission, tenderness and the erotic, coming together and pulling apart.

Pas de Deux/Tango is my reflection on the exquisite tensions within relationships, told through dance and photography.

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