The Domtar facility is located on the former premises of the E.B. Eddy Company on Chaudière Island in the Ottawa River. The E.B.Eddy Company was once a significant presence in Ottawa's economic and social environment, initially manufacturing wooden matches and then expanding to a pulp and paper mill. Domtar purchased the facility in 1998 to manufacture its paper products. Today Domtar shares the facility with Hydro Ottawa and both generate hydro-electric power from the Chaudière Dam on the river. These days, what was once a thriving enterprise now operates on a skeleton staff.

Domtar recently sold its holdings on the island to Windmill Developments which has plans to develop the site for condominium housing and retail shops. Most likely the existing buildings will be demolished, not refurbished; the buildings are well over 100 years old and they have slowly succumbed to age and the environment.

The images in this series were shot between November 2012 and September 2013. Domtar and Ottawa Hydro graciously allowed me access to their properties. The intent of the series was to capture the austere beauty and dignity of the buildings in their context and to preserve the memory of the industrial past on Chaudière Island. 

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